Lukewarm water: how, when, and why should we drink it?

lukewarm water

Everybody knows that drink lukewarm water is beneficial for your health. But do you know how and when should you drink it?

Go through this article carefully. Here I will discuss when, how, and why should you drink lukewarm water.

If you drink it properly, it will be beneficial for your health otherwise it can bring many diseases in your body.

When should I drink it?

It doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from any disease or not. It has a great impact on everybody’s health if he or she drinks it regularly and properly.

To get its complete benefit, you have to drink it in an empty stomach in the morning. So that all harmful germs will be washed to the kidney and Get out from the kidneys through urine. It will also remove the constipation problem.

How to drink it?

It is said that half the knowledge about anything can cause danger. So you have to know complete information about anything to avoid its harmful effects.

Never drink water while standing. Always sit down and drink it slowly with a sip. Otherwise, it can cause gastric problems and arthritis.

Why should I drink lukewarm water:-

It is said that our body has made 70% of water. That’s why we should drink a maximum of three-liter water per day ( for an adult) to keep our body healthy. Excessive drink of water may cause kidney damage.

So if you take two or three glass lukewarm water at the empty stomach, it fulfills our maximum daily requirement of water. In this regard, you have to take those foods which have maximum water such as watermelon.

Which water should I drink lukewarm or cold ?

If possible drink lukewarm water always. It will automatically cure 80-90% disease.

In this regard, I would like to inform you to avoid taking cold water. Because it has many harmful effects on our body such as constipation, acidity, gastric problem, low blood pressure, pimples, hair fall, weight gain and so many.

It has many advantages related to our health. Here are some benefits to it.

1) Remove digestive problem:-

Lukewarm water can improve your digestive system. As a result of that, you would be free from the constipation problem. Many of our diseases occur due to constipation. It cures all digest related problems such as acidity. The nature of our blood is alkaline. This water removes harmful toxins from our body through urine as well as purify our blood.

2) Cure high blood pressure:-

High blood pressure is related to our heart. When acidity increase in our body, the density of our blood also increases and high blood pressure occurs. I have already said that high blood pressure is related to heart disease also.

3) Weight loss:-

Coldwater increases our body weight. While lukewarm water can help you to decrease your body weight. Because it helps you to burn extra fat from your body through sweat.

Here, I will recommend adding one tablespoon honey with lukewarm water for the best result.

4) Remove skin problem:-

It is also beneficial to remove pimples, scars from your face. Because lukewarm water helps you to remove harmful toxins as well as it also helps to remove constipation which is the main cause of many skin related problems.

Moreover, if you take bath with lukewarm water adding two or three tablespoon lemon juice, it will cure all skin related problems as well as increase the glossiness of your skin.

5) Detoxify your body:-

I have already said that lukewarm water can remove harmful toxins from our body. When we drink two or three lukewarm water, it raises our body temperature. As a result of that, our body starts sweating to cool down and detoxifies your body.

I recommend adding one tablespoon lemon juice with lukewarm water for the best result.

6) Improve blood circulation:-

We know that water helps us to circulate our blood properly. As a result of that our tissues and organs take proper nutrition and oxygen, as well as your body, works more efficiently. Drink lukewarm water will melt fat deposits in your body as well as in your nervous system.

7) Slow down aging:-

I have already discussed that lukewarm water with lemon juice will remove harmful toxins from our body. This water also repairs the cells of your skin and improve elasticity. As it contains lemon juice which is a great source of vitamin C. You know that vitamin C is excellent for not only your skin but also for your whole body.

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8) Remove joint pain:-

Joint pain is occurred due to the increase of uric acid in our blood. So, if you drink lukewarm water every day morning at the empty stomach, it will remove uric acid through urine. This will help you to recover from joint pain, arthritis early.

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9) Urinary tract infection:-

A study in South Korea, Yonsei University, has found that warm sitz bath treatment reduces urinary tract infection. They studied over 1,7083 patients who had suffered from this disease and were instructed to sit in a tub containing lukewarm water for 10 minutes each time for at least 5 days. They found a significant difference between a warm sitz bath group and a no sitz bath group and had decided this bath is beneficial for urinary tract infection patients (1).


In particular, I would like to say there is no doubt that lukewarm water has great impact in our body. But due to lack of information, we take it wrongly. That’s why problem occurs and we can not find its actual benefits.

If you take lukewarm water properly for the next one or two months at the empty stomach or whenever you feel thirsty drink only this water, you can feel the difference definitely in yourself as well as this habit makes your life more active and meaningful.

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