Foods for bone health: Know how to Increase bone strength Naturally

foods for bone health

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Everybody knows that calcium and vitamin D are the key nutrients for a healthy bone structure. Calcium works to build your bone and teeth structure while vitamin D works to absorb calcium. Here we have discussed some foods that promote bone health as well as increase bone strength naturally.

If we have a good knowledge of food, we can easily remove our maximum diseases by eating foods. No needs to waste your money by taking medicine. That’s why Hippocrates has said that ” Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.


The cause of osteoporosis is the deficiency of calcium. If you do not take enough calcium then your body will take it from your bone and that leads to osteoporosis diseases. So the natural solution is to consume enough calcium-rich food every day to avoid any bone-related disease.


Here we have discussed some healthy foods that definitely increase your bone density as well as helps you to keep away from osteoporosis disease.


1) Dairy product:-


There is no doubt that milk and other dairy products are some of the best calcium and Vitamin D-rich foods that are essential for bone health (1).

Milk consumption has recently been suggested that it increase fracture rate but a population-based study including 70 years old men and women has found a significant positive association between dairy product consumption bone properties in older adults (2).


If you are suffering from an intolerance of lactose or food allergies, don’t worry about that because there are so many other calcium-rich products such as soy milk, tofu, calcium-fortified juices or calcium supplement, etc.

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2) Pumpkin seeds:-


These seeds are so beneficiaries to promote bone health. Pumpkin seeds are excellent sources of magnesium so good food for bone health.


Along with calcium, magnesium also strengthens the bone structure. 50% of the body’s magnesium resides in the bone. so if you are not taking magnesium-rich foods or supplements then your bone may be fragile.


3) Green leafy vegetables:-


Vitamin K is beneficial to form bone proteins and prevent the reduction of Calcium from the bone. So you have to consume vitamin K from variant vitamin K-rich foods. In this regard, green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamin K. Not only that green leafy vegetables have almost all minerals and vitamins.

It is said that calcium is very essential not only for bone but also for overall health because it is the most abundant mineral found in our body almost 2% of our body weight.

Several studies have found that calcium includes in one’s diet less the rate of major health problems such as osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. 


4) Walnut:-


Walnut also good food for bone and teeth health. Alpha-linolenic acid present in it helps to reduce the rate of bone breakdown. In this regard, not only walnut but all kinds of nuts are good food for bone health.


5) Olives:-

Olive or olive oil has been found to have the potential to prevent bone loss because hydroxytyrosol present in it acts like phytonutrients.

Several studies have found that these phytonutrients increase bone density and decreases total bone mass. Besides that olives are extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from heart disease as olive decreases LDL (bad cholesterol).

6) Tomato:-

It is also found that tomato has great potential to increase bone density and decreases the breakdown of bone. Tomatoes are rich in calcium and Vitamin K which helps to strengthen and repair the bone structure.

Lycopene present in it decreases the breakdown of bone and that’s why tomato intake dailly give you a healthy bone structure. But if you are suffering from kidney stone problem, must avoid tomato.

7) Spinach:-

If you are suffering from osteoporosis then you have to consume spinach daily to recover from this disease early because spinach are very good food for bone health.

In particular, one cup of cooked spinach provides 1000% of the daily recommended vitamin K which helps to prevent excess activation of osteoclasts, the cells that break down bones. So like calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, vitamin K also essential to strengthen bone structure and prevent osteoporosis.


We saw that calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E are very essential to increase bone strength as well as to avoid osteoporosis disease.

So if you are suffering from osteoporosis disease or any other bone-related problems, you can include the above-mentioned calcium-rich food in your diet to decrease these diseases without any hesitation. It will increase your bone density gradually. Along with these foods, you have to practise some hand and leg exercise twice dailly for the best result. In this regard, I would like to inform you that though it takes some time yet healthy and risk-free.

If you want a quick remedy, this calcium supplement definitely helps you to cure this disease as early as possible, increase bone density and leads you to a healthy lifestyle.

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